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Beyond the Book page 248 no 2 and 8

2. Three unique uses of computer technology in sports

  • Online streaming

Now, people can watch their favorite football team matches in their home. So, they do not need to buy tickets and go to the stadium by themselves.

  • Instant Replay

Instant replay technology allows referee to review the play from the replay videos. So, the rules are not violated by the players.

  • Hawk eye technology

Hawk eye technology can be implemented either to trace the trajectory of the ball in tennis or to give a definitive definition whether it is a goal or not in football matches.

8. Three online Social networks and Media Sharing sites

v  Facebook

Facebook is known as a social network that relates someone with others. It can be friends, family, teachers, etc.

Facebook can be used to chat, share file, sell something, and many other uses.

v  Instagram

Instagram is popular as a photo sharing sites. It shows what people do in the real-time.

Instagram can be used either to edit photo or store photo remotely.

v  Foursquare

Foursquare is another social network. But, foursquare only emphasizes in sharing about where is your place in real-time.

Foursquare can be used to reveal your location.


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