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Checkpoint Chapter 3

True False

  1. False
  2. False
  3. False
  4. True
  5. True
  6. True
  7. True
  8. False
  9. True
  10. True
  11. True
  12. False

Multiple Choice

  1. A
  2. A
  3. B
  4. B
  5. C
  6. B
  7. C
  8. B


  1. I
  2. E
  3. J
  4. B
  5. D
  6. L
  7. A
  8. G
  9. K
  10. C

Short Answer

  1. System Monitoring Software

System monitoring software describes in detail how well your computer is working. This type of utility software typically describes your computer’s current temperature (excess heat damages computers), RAM usage, Internet connection status and other factors. This type of program is a great way of measuring how well your computer is working. Some of these tools include logs that track your computer’s performance over time and record unusual system issues

               Backup Tools to Protect Your Data

Losing your data – digital photos, documents, notes and other information – due to a hard drive failure, power failure or other computer problems is a frustrating and painful experience. Backup software can ease the pain by making it easy for you to restore your data and get back to work quickly. Most backup programs offer a way to schedule backups on a regular basis (e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly) for ease of use. Other programs offer a way to store all of your backup data on DVDs or even at a remote location.

               System Upkeep Programs

Computers tend to operate smoothly most of the time, especially when newly purchased. Over time, many people observe that their computers slow down. System upkeep programs identify and fix problems that cause these slowdowns by cleaning out unused programs, unneeded temporary files and other dead weight data.

              Antivirus and Antimalware Programs

A program that protects a computer against malicious software and unauthorized intrusions.


Malware is a program that acts without a user’s knowledge and deliberately alters the computer’s operations.

  1. Presentation software typically provides a variety of predefined presentation formats that define complementary colors for backgrounds, text, and graphical accents on the slides. This software also provides a variety of layouts for each individual slide such as a title slide, a two-column slide, and a slide with clip art, a picture, a chart, a table, or a diagram. In addition, you can enhance any text, charts, and graphical images on a slide with 3-D, animation, and other special effects such as shading, shadows, and textures.
  2. Travel and mapping software enables users to view maps, determine route directions, and locate points of interest. Using
    travel and mapping software, which is available both as packaged software and as Web applications, you can display maps by searching for an address, postal code, telephone number, or point of interest (such as airports, lodging, and historical
    sites). This software often provides driving directions when a user enters a starting anddestination point.

Popular reference software includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, and health/medical guides.

  1. Computer-based training (CBT), also called computer-aided instruction (CAI), is a type of education in which students learn by using and completing exercises with instructional software.

Use of CBT programs to learn the intricacies of baseball, football, soccer, tennis, and golf. The military and airlines use CBT simulations to train pilots to fly in various conditions and environments.

  1. Many Websites offer Web Based Training so that it cannot be counted precisely.

Some features that make E-Learning enhance communication include video conferencing, e-mail, blogs, wikis, newsgroups, chat rooms, and groupware.


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